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Today's discussion revolves around a character who was known as a swindler and a con-man, Learn what it was that transformed his life from a selfish, deceitful man into a godly leader of a nation. If you think you can't start over again, then you don't know the power of grace and redemption in Christ. We do not have to wallow in the mud of past pain or shame. Tune in to "That Guy's Mom'" and be encouraged by the many shady characters whose lives were transformed and used for generations to come.


Hi All!

Since we want to make training videos available to you and REFUSE to clog up your inboxes with large files to download, we created this Channel on Podbean.  We realize that we have given you a million different sites, passwords, e-mail addys and other info so perhaps one of our trusty organized folk would like to create a master document containing all of that info?  If you would like to help create this, please shoot us an e-mail at iamthatguy11@gmail.com and we will provide you with whatever information you need to make that happen.  In any event, once you receive your Captain's invite, you can login and change your password if you prefer.  We hope to eventually have a server where we can set up a one-stop-shop for everything (EYES ON ETERNITY, please add to prayer list! :)   ) but until then----we'll be STILL and CHILL in our Captain's Corner.

Hope you enjoy the Reader's Digest Version of our Captain's Meeting.  Even if you were able to attend live, you may want to view this as we've included additional information. We also added the "What's Next?" overview to explain where we can expect to go from here!


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Thank you all for being so wonderful, flexible and for rolling with the punches.  Things flow a little differently here in "Be Still Country"  but we are convinced our Captains can ebb and flow like no otha'!   Let's fasten our seat belts as the wild ride has officially begun!

More updates to follow!  (I believe you can subscribe to this site (RSS FEED) so you will automatically be notified when we post updates or new content.

“The steadfast of mind You will keep in perfect peace, Because he trusts in You." Isaiah 26:3

Enjoy your evening!

Kristie and Jesse

Hi All!

Here is the video version of our first Webinar TEAM meeting.  Enjoy!  We discuss how this whole thing came to be and what God has been doing in our midst.